OFAC API v2 Change Log

Published: 3 March 2020

Version 2 of the OFAC API screening API delivers expanded functionality and flexibility through new data sources and additional configuration options.

Additional Screening Sources

Version 2 of the API includes enhanced list management systems, allowing for quick and seamless integration of new data sources into the available screening options. This enables one of OFAC API's primary goals of expanding its usefullness to a wider range of organizations.

BIS Denied Persons List Screen Option

OFAC API now offers the option to screen against the Bureau of Industry and Security Denied Persons List (BIS DPL), expanding its usefulness in particular to those clients involved in import/export business.

New API PArams

Additional API params are available to further customize search queries and results sets. For example source type and entity type filters.

Simplified Data Models

OFAC API's response data model has been reorganized and simplified, making integration with the API more straight forward. A major goal of this enhancement was to return a more intuitive search response, isolating our clients from the complexities of the various federal lists.