This documentation covers version 2.0 of the consolidated screening API. It's important to read through and understand each API parameter to avoid false positives and ensure your compliance plan is being implemented as designed.

The consolidated API allows POST and GET HTTP request types.
POST requests expect JSON parameter data. GET requests expect URL query params.

Swagger API documentation can be found at OFAC API v2 Swagger UI

Name Search URL

Batch Screening URL New

Entity ID Search URL New

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Quick Start

To get started quickly, give this example API query a try IMPORT LTD&minScore=95&source=SDN,DPL&type=Entity
Note it is recommended to use HTTP POST requests in production.


The consolidated screening API is intended to help organizations meet their compliance obligations. Typical use cases include the screening of parties involved in remittance transactions, import or export commerce, ongoing screening phases of an organizational KYC/CDD procedure or in the execution of an AML plan.


It's recommended that your query be as specific as possible, which will increase the results accuracy and avoid false positives. Review the APIs parameters in order to customize your queries behavior and result set.

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